Prestigious references all over the world.


Our trade : From design to production
The complete production control

Design office, laser cutting, folding, painting, for sheet metal. Machining centers, assembly, for mechanical parts.

Ahead of its assembly work, men control sheet metal, machining and assembly within the SFH Group *

Thus, each step of the production is made with the same quality standards, with the same dedication.

SFH *: Independent family group

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We are specialists in low voltage

men has been one of the leading French companies since 1975 for the design and manufacture of electrical cabinets.

A well-established reputation

men won international renown through the relevance of its technical systems, the 100 percent reliability of its products and a real partnership with customers.

Permanently in contact

Founded on a human scale, with a lightweight organization, the company is highly responsive in research and production. men is always available and competitive.

All over the world

Prestigious references and clients in many countries.

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Quality on top
Our manufacturer insurance

The high level of competence of men technicians brings you more than a manufacturer's guarantee: the guarantee of perfect quality !

Electrical equipment from the north (MEN) has its premises in Seclin an assembly line plug drawers tables.


MEN- France one of the high quality manufacturers of LV MCC ( motor control center, for 125A up to 5000A ) panels and other control system panels, also it work for suppling rebuild MV switchgear panels of Schneider / ABB/ Siemens.

This company manufacturing the MCC Panels since 1968 (you can see the document's attached for isolator arm of 630A). There are several MCC panels installed at petrochemical complex at Brega and one of these MCC panels installed on 1974 and still working on very good condition with very low maintenance requirements

For examples The MEN MCC panels installed at Libya- Mersa El Brega petrochemical complex plants are :

  •      Ammonia-1 MCC-4&5 and MCC-D8&10 are since the plant erection 1974 (based on UHDE German company who designed Ammonia plant construction),
  •      Handling & Shipping LV MCC-4 since 2001, MCC-1, MCC-2.5 and MCC3- since 1980.
  •      Ammonia- 2 MCC utility panel since 2004, LV MCC- 00SPA-001 emergency panel since 1990.
  •      Urea-1 MCC-003A alternative power supply since 1998, and MCC-2 supplied and installed on 2017.
  •      SOC Methanol- 1&2 all the LV MCC- 1,2,3&4 are since the erection 1978 & 1982 (based on UHDE designed)
  •      SOC power plant and Desalination plant all the LV MCC-1,2,3,6,7& U6-7 panels since the erection 1974 & 1980 (based on UHDE designed).

The company MEN has a long experience in the field of unpluggable panel.

Indeed the company MEN has not changed its design habits since the 60s.
We have not reduced the thicknesses of sheet metal, the sections of the busbar etc ... so as not to impair the quality of the product.
It is a guarantee of quality that the company does not want to change.

We are in the habit of producing high-quality panels, with the irreproachable reliability with a very low maintenance requirement, which have proved themselves for many years.

A lot of MCC panels installed on the petrochemical complex of Brega, installed in the 1970s which are still in operation with a very low operating requirement.

This does not prevent the integration and implementation of state-of-the-art electrical equipment. MEN knows how to adapt existing equipment in proven structures.

In conclusion, please note that MEN has the capacity to supply spare parts for MCC panels installed at the Brega petrochemical complex.

This will allow you to renovate your installations as you need them.


Spare parts fixed part

Starter withdrable

Matériel Eléctrique du Nord

Our group is based in Seclin in the north of France, in the heart of the Euroregion

Independent family group

International customers

Perfect quality assurance

Production process control


men is located in the north of France, near Lille: A1 Lesquin Airport, TGV, Channel Tunnel.


MEN france
    M. PIGOT LAURENT Directeur 15, rue Marcel Dassault Z.I.A 59113 - Seclin, France
Tél. +33 3 20 16 14 83 Fax +33 3 20 16 14 84

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